PB1046 for Heart Failure

Heart failure is the most common cause of hospitalization in people over 65 and is associated with high mortality. Heart failure is not a single disease, but a complex syndrome of cardiovascular abnormalities that can lead to myocardial dysfunction, circulatory insufficiency and multi-organ congestion. Disease progression can lead to the worsening of symptoms, functional decline and increased mortality.

The known effects of VIP indicate that it may provide significant therapeutic benefit to heart failure patients, including myocardial contractility and relaxation, potent vasodilation to decrease blood pressure, and the prevention of tissue scarring.

As a novel analogue of VIP, PB1046 has the potential to deliver improvements in cardiac function, reduce heart failure-related symptoms, improve patient functional status, and reduce heart failure- related hospitalization and mortality. Multiple animal models have demonstrated PB1046’s ability to improve overall cardiovascular function in heart failure.

PB1046 is currently being evaluated in a phase 2a multiple ascending dose study in heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction.