Robert Hamlin, DVM, PhD

Diplomate ACVIM (Cardiology/Internal Medicine)
Stanton Youngberg Professorship of Veterinary Medicine, Ohio State University; Scientific Director, QTest Labs

Professor Hamlin attended Western Reserve University, and earned a bachelor’s degree, doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM), master’s degree and doctorate at The Ohio State University. Among his many honors, he received a career development award from the National Institutes of Health, and was a Mahanna Scholar and past President of the Central Ohio Chapter of the American Heart Association. He received the distinguished teaching award and distinguished lecture award at Ohio State. He joined Ohio State’s faculty in 1960 and is currently the Stanton Youngberg Professor of Veterinary Medicine (physiology/pharmacology) and a Professor in the department of veterinary biosciences, the department of biomedical engineering and the Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute. He is the past President and Chair of the board of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. Professor Hamlin’s publications include more than 300 articles on cardiovascular physiology/pharmacology, safety pharmacology/clinical veterinary cardiology, 28 chapters in textbooks and, in addition, he has served on the editorial board of 21 journals. He has been a visiting professor at the University of Sydney (Australia), Cambridge University (England), Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), Azabu and Tokyo Universities (Japan), the Universities of Madrid and Cordoba (Spain), the University of San Paolo (Brazil), the University of Uppsala (Sweden), the University of Zurich (Switzerland), the University of Parma (Italy) and numerous universities in the U.S. Professor Hamlin’s primary interests are comparative cardiology and cardiovascular physiology/pharmacology, safety pharmacology, physical diagnosis and pulmonary mechanics.